Acyrthosiphon pisum data


Pea aphid genome assembly version 2 scaffolds (fasta)
Pea aphid genome assembly version 2 contigs (fasta)
Pea aphid genome assembly version 1 (ftp BCM)
Scaffolds sizes and accessions (txt)

Official genes consensus set

ACYPI proteins v2.1b (fasta)
ACYPI mRNA v2.1b (fasta)
ACYPI CDS v2.1b (fasta)
ACYPI OGS v2.1b (gff, gff with CDS)

ACYPI proteins v2.0 (fasta)
ACYPI mRNA v2.0 (fasta)
ACYPI OGS v2.0 (gff, gff with CDS)

ACYPproteins v1.0 (fasta, gff)
ACYPmRNA v1.0 (fasta, gff)
ACYPI all v1.0 (gff)

Other genes prediction sets (v1.0)

RefSeq genes (fasta, gff)
RefSeq mRNA (fasta)
RefSeq proteins (fasta)

Gnomon genes part1 (fasta)
Gnomon genes part2 (fasta)
Gnomon mRNA (fasta)
Gnomon proteins (fasta)

Maker (gff)
GeneID (gff)
Augustus (gff)
Genscan (gff)
Snap (gff)


A. pisum ESt part 1 (gff)
A. pisum ESt part 2 (gff)

EST and 454 data from other species

Myzus454 (fasta)
MyzusSanger (fasta)
Toxoptera citricida contigs (fasta)
Aphis gossypii contigs (fasta)
Myzus persicae contigs (fasta)
Toxoptera citricida CDS (fasta)
Aphis gossypii CDS (fasta)
Myzus persicae CDS (fasta)

Transposable Elements

REPET predictions (v2.0) (gff)
REPET predictions (v1.0) (fasta, gff)

Functional annotation of peptides

InterproScan results (v2.1) (raw format)
Blast2GO predictions (v2.1) (annot format)

New gene prediction (Thorpe et al.)

New gene prediction described in Shared transcriptional control and disparate gain and loss of aphid parasitism genes and loci acquired via horizontal gene transfer, Thorpe et al, 2018


Scaffolds numbers and accessions (v2)(txt)
Scaffolds numbers and accessions (v1)(txt)

* gff files are as loaded in AphidBase