Myzus cerasi

The Myzus cerasi genome sequence data are made available in advance of publication. We are in the process of preparing our publication on the genome analyses of these aphids. In the meantime, if you download these data for your own research and publication, please add the following details in the acknowledgements:

Myzus cerasi DNA sequencing data were downloaded from AphidBase. Funding for the sequencing was provided by ERC Starting Grant APHIDHOST-310190 awarded to Jorunn Bos at the James Hutton Institute, United Kingdom.

Available organisms

Other organisms are available on the BIPAA website.

Available datasets

Myzus cerasi

299337 features, performed on 2017-07-04

Associated functional annotation:

11621 features, performed on 2017-07-05

28688 features, performed on 2017-07-05

18978 features, performed on 2017-07-05